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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

of Epigont Ltd. Company

Sasinkova 677/1, 908 51 Holic, Slovakia,

registration number 44 640 480, TAX NO 2022777218, VAT NO: SK2022777218,

Bank account: Slovenska sporitelna, account number: 5041168021/0900
Company registered in OR OS Trnava, signed Ltd., 23399/T
Phone number: 00421 948 705 707,


Purchase of goods through our online store can be made by individual and legal persons without any restrictions provided that they are in accordance with the terms and conditions.

1.1. The customer can order any item in the web store offered in any quantity.

1.2. For the completion of orders it is necessary to fill in all data on the order form. The customer is obliged to fill in on the web store all the data necessary for the execution of the order. This data will be used only for the internal use of Epigont Ltd. once the order has been registered in the system and no later than the following working day, the customer will be contacted.

1.3. After confirming the order, the binding between Epigont Ltd and customer purchase agreement. Both parties hereby create rights and obligations arising from a sale – the sales relationship.
Seller hereby agrees that the data provided by the Buyer on the order form, will be used exclusively for the seller. Seller agrees that he will not provide the information to third parties or to other entities.

1.4. You add the item to your cart and order the goods by following the instructions provided by the system. All orders placed through the online store are considered to be binding. Immediately after you have registered your order, you will get an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

II. Delivery terms
2.1. Delivery time is 10 working days, unless stated otherwise. Usually we send goods on the day of receipt of order or the next business day. If the order cannot be fulfilled in the above term, the seller is obliged to immediately inform the buyer and propose realistic term of delivery.
2.2. If the seller fails to deliver within three months after the conclusion of the purchase contract (order) the validity of the order expires. The termination of the purchase order contract ends and participants are required to return any payment in full.
2.3. The Company Epigont Ltd will deliver the goods to the buyer at the address you specify on the order form as the delivery address by mail or logistics service. On the dispatch of the goods, the buyer will be notified by email no later than the day of dispatch. Included in the prices of goods will also be shipping costs, which will be separately quantified in the order and invoice for the delivered goods.

III. Withdrawal from the purchase contract (order)
3.1. Withdrawal from the purchase contract (order) is possible within 7 days of receipt of fulfillment (it being understood "receipt of goods") for any reason. Buyer should give written notice of withdrawal from the contract (order) sent by post or e-mail to the seller. If the customer resigns from the contract must bear the cost of returned goods sent back to the seller and the notification of withdrawal from the contract (order) to the address: Epigont Ltd, Sasinkova 1, Holic, 908 51, Slovakia. In the case of returning the goods to the seller's address by cash on delivery, it will not be accepted and the shipment will be returned to customer. Withdrawal is effective at the moment the goods returned to the seller. This method of termination is governed by the civil code, In cases when the purchase contract (order) is concluded by using the means of distance communication, valid for the online store
Exceptions are mainly supplies modified as desired by the buyer or his person and goods, perishable, wear or obsolescence, as well as audio and video recordings and computer software if they violated the original consumer packaging.
3.2. In the case of returning the goods, the buyer is obliged to send the goods in the original packaging. In the case of returning the damaged or incomplete goods, the buyer will be refunded the purchase price less an appropriate amount. Damage for the purposes of the purchase contract (order) is considered unfounded and damage to the protective seals and labels, signs and logos of the manufacturer placed by the manufacturer of the goods. Seller will return the purchase price of the returned goods by cheque remitted to the name and address of the buyer or the buyer's specified bank account within 30 days of receipt of goods to the seller.

IV. Claim
4.1. Warranty terms
The company provides a guarantee to the end customer for the goods within the generally applicable legislation, particularly the provisions of the Civil Code, as amended. We ask the buyers to carefully check the goods. If there is an irregularity (package is damaged), the buyer has the right not to take the goods. Late complaints of incomplete or damaged goods will not be accepted. In the case of mail order buyers are requested to check the package in the presence of the courier if there are findings of package damage claim directly with the courier.
4.2. Complaint
A complaint must be submitted in writing or e-mail sent to the address of the seller. If sending goods back to the address of the seller the buyer is obliged to send the shipment by registered mail to the following address: Epigont Ltd. Sasinkova 677/1, Holic, Slovakia.
In the case of return of the goods to the address of the vendor's cash on delivery will not be accepted. It is necessary to submit a claim for adequate proof of purchase of the goods. Claims must be settled without delay and not later than 30 days from the date of the claim. The settlement of the claim means also rejection of the claim as an unfounded complaint and returning the goods to purchaser within 3 days of refusing the claim, or send new goods or refund the purchase price. Rejection of the claim will always be sent in writing to the buyer in the form of e-mail or post.

V. Final provisions
5.1. Any claims of liability or obligation in respect of the delay to the fulfillment or by virtue of omission that has hindered implementation of the circumstances beyond control in a timely manner, do not properly or fairly (even if with regard to third parties as subcontractors) and if you cannot assume that the barrier in the fulfillment of the obligations incurred by the action herein would be able to stave off or overcome, or that it would be possible at the same time to predict the circumstances. In such cases, the seller is nor responsible for the damage.
5.2. Circumstances beyond control for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions shall mean fires, wars, riots, strikes, accidents, floods, flooding, weather effects and other natural disasters (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). Actions of state authorities (generally binding regulations) and other similar events or facts which affect the ability of the obligations which are beyond the control and influence of the operators or preventing other objective reasons, the implementation of performance.
5.3. Approved amendments to these Terms and Conditions will be incorporated into the terms of issue of the new, updated GTC to the date of issue invalidates the previous version of the general terms and conditions.
5.4. In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid or contrary to the generally applicable law, the remaining provisions remain unaffected and valid. Epigont Ltd. and customer agree that such invalid provision shall be replaced with the applicable provisions, so that these new provisions, adhere to meaning and purpose of the provisions replaced.
5.5. Subject to these Terms and Conditions as otherwise provided, it is expected that amendments to these Terms and Conditions have been notified to the client on the day of their placement on the page
5.6. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 22.4.2013